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Double the traffic on your website – overnight!

More than a Billion times every day ‘google’ gets searched, creating huge opportunity to put your business in front of 1000′s every minute and a few lakh’s every hour only via the medium of Google ad-words or PPC.

At Appslure technology we help you with fundamentals, tools and techniques to give you highest ROI on your PPC budget.

we will help you in building a great PPC campaign so that your visibility on search engine, click throw rate and your sales drastically improves.

  • we focus on leads,sing-ups or sales rather than the clicks on your website
  • we connect social mediums to your google ads.
  • we fully utilize google ‘conversion optimizer function’
  • we also fully utilize ‘google’s display network’
  • we develop a very relevant keyword list after throw research
  • we do a very specific region wise segregation of target audiences , so that we put you in front of the best audiences.
  • even the ranking on organic search is taken care of
  • with time we evaluate the budgets throw out for PPC and splash the bidding prices
  • we do provide weekly reports throw google conversion tracking
  • We help you in increased sales and higher conversion rates.