Answered : How to get high ranking in Google organic (Non – PPC) search

April 18, 2014

PPC is Great to get traffic to your site and can be controlled to an extent of 100%.But we have to pay a fortune for it.

What if you get better traffic than that and absolutely free. Let us just go throw some of these simple yet very powerful ways to get a top listing on Google or any other search Engine :

1) Give time to keywords and be realistic in your time framing expectation.

2) Very Apt keyword selection for organic search ranking.

3) Precise on-page keyword placement for getting higher ranking.

4) Get inward links from important pages.

5) choose your link pages wisely because higher the page rank the better is your link.

6) Get your site links from the websites which are trusted. links from on-topic trusted pages can give you great boost in ranking and referral.

7) Limit the number of links on referring page. always try to avoid the link posting on the pages which already have 100 other links.

8) Avoid run of the site link : never have 1000′s of incoming links from the same site as the search engine will recognise that link count is artificially seeded.

9) anchor text all your main keywords.

10) to make your inbound links more natural always go for deep links – i.e., link the pages in your website other than your homepage.

11) “NOFOLLOW” Tag : make sure any of your incoming link does not have rel=”nofollow” attribute in links source code.



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